ⓘ Reliabilitas


ⓘ Reliabilitas

Dina rékayasa sacara umum, reliabilitas nyaéta kamampuh hiji komponen atawa sistim dina éta komponen keur ditembongkeun salaku hasil disain. Tempo teori reliabilitas sarta disain sistim nu reliable. Program komputer dijieun keur ngitung sistim reliabiti nu kompleks ngagunakeun téhnik pemodelan reliabiliti.

Dina widang telekomunikasi, watesan reliabilitas nyaéta:

  • The continuous availability of communication services to the general public, and emergency response activities in particular, during normal operating conditions and under emergency circumstances with minimal disruption.
  • The ability of an item to perform a required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time.
  • The probability that a functional unit will perform its required function for a specified interval under stated conditions.

Source: from Federal Standard 1037C in support of MIL-STD-188

In psychometrics, reliability is the precision i.e., freedom from error of the scores of a méasure, see Reliability psychometric.

In testing, reliability is the extent to which the méasurements resulting from a test are the result of characteristics of those being méasured. See Reliability for a fuller description.

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